Our Work

Health Education
Rising levels of obesity, binge drinking and smoking amongst children and young people are clear indications that they are not placing health as a priority in their lives. There are many reasons for this, including socio-economic factors, peer influence and media influences.

The importance of ensuring children appreciate the value of good health is clear. This cannot be the responsibility of teachers and health workers alone. We must work as a community to send positive messages, which encourage children to take responsibility for their health and well-being.

Life Education Centres provide a series of age appropriate health educational programmes designed to encourage children to take a positive attitude towards health. They can then make informed decisions and develop the necessary life-skills to put them into practice.

Our work encompasses…

  • help for schools to meet National Curriculum requirements for personal, social and health education and Government guidelines for drug education, as well as the Healthy Schools Agenda.
  • provision of age appropriate health and drug education programmes throughout primary school years.
  • support for parents and carers in helping them to gain a deeper insight into health issues.

All of our work is designed to uniquely support all five outcomes of the Every Child Matters Outcomes Framework: Be Healthy, Stay Safe, Enjoy and Achieve, Make a Positive Contribution and Achieve Economic Well-being.

Our Work with Children


Life Education is the UK’s largest children’s health education charity, providing a comprehensive range of high quality and evidence-based services appropriate to the needs of primary school children. For each class group we construct a session that is appropriate to the pupils’ age and needs. These are delivered by Life Education’s own specially-trained Educators using a life-skills approach so that each year children increase their knowledge, skills and confidence to make informed health choices. Topics covered include: how the body works, the importance of healthy diet and exercise, safe use of medicines, the risks of tobacco, alcohol and non-prescription drugs and emotional wellbeing (including bullying).

Emphasis is placed on teaching in a fun and interactive manner using music, sound and light effects as well as interactive technology and Life Education’s life-sized illuminated model of the human body.

Positive teaching strategies

Our Educators are trained in a range of positive techniques and behaviour management strategies, which have been refined over many years, in close consultation with expert educational practitioners.

These are used throughout our sessions to support the development of critical thinking, positive attitudes, communication and assertiveness skills, in addition to knowledge and understanding of the human body and subject matter that provides an understanding of how to make positive health choices.

Our Services for Schools

We build on schools’ existing PSHE provision by tailoring our visits to achieve learning outcomes agreed with teachers in pre-visit sessions. Our work evolves in response to emerging policy and good practice for PSHE, Citizenship Education and work with parents. The content of all our sessions is mapped against the curriculum frameworks and policy guidance documents that relate to delivering healthy outcomes for all children. Please click here for a full guide to our work with children and schools.