For Schools

We use a range of positive techniques and strategies to enable children to develop the confidence and thinking skills needed to make informed health choices. Annual visits by a trained Educator and specially equipped mobile classroom help each class group build on the knowledge, attitudes and skills developed in the previous year.

More information about all of our programmes can be found on the “Our Work” page, or the LEC national website, in the resources for schools section.

Foundation Stage

Children learn about the things their bodies need to stay healthy and happy, and about the role friends and family play in their lives. They explore how they can help stay healthy by eating and sleeping well, exercising, using medicines safely and managing different feelings they have.

  • Nursery – “Taking Care of Myself”
  • Reception – “All About Me”

Key Stage 1

In addition to reinforcing messages about health choices, there is more in-depth work around feelings and relationships, through activities and role-play focusing on teasing and bullying. Children continue to develop their understanding of the health topics learned at the Foundation Stage.

  • Year One – “My Wonderful Body”
  • Year Two – “Feelings”

Key Stage 2

Examination of the different aspects of health and well-being including age-appropriate work around the use and effects of drugs – medical, legal and illegal. Strategies for recognising and managing influences are explored through a variety of drama techniques; skills are developed in assertiveness and operating effectively within peer groups.

  • Year Three – “Meet the Brain”
  • Year Four – “It’s Great to be Me”
  • Year Five – “Friends”
  • Year Six – “Decisions”