About Us

In the UK, Life Education Centres sees over 800,000 children a year, through through 40 locally operating Trusts using 80 or so mobile classrooms, partly supported by charitable donations and funding from Local Education & Health Authorities.

Locally we are an amalgamation of 3 previous Trusts to make us Life Education Centres Croydon, Surrey and Sussex. The Trust is managed by a committee of volunteers and we currently employ 1 full time and 2 part time Educators plus an Administrator / Coordinator.

The Team

Mark Fisher
Colin Peyton

Administrator / Coordinator:
Jayne Yung

Wendy Parr (Chairman)
David Beckitt (Vice Chairman)
Ian Wray (Secretary and Acting Treasurer)
Tim Parr

Project Funding

LEC Croydon, Surrey and Sussex owes its thanks to many corporate, Local Authority and charitable donations from the region and local Rotary Clubs who have all helped raise funds to contribute to the on-going costs of this programme. Each mobile classroom with its on-board equipment costs around £80,000 to purchase. The ongoing costs for running each mobile classroom plus the salary of a trained Educator approximates to a further £35,000 per annum.

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